Friday, July 29, 2011

I Miss the Tiny Baby

I love my 7 month old baby, and I am so grateful for how healthy and happy she is, and how much she has grown. But now that we are past halfway to a year old, I am kind of sad. She really isn't much of a baby anymore at all. Since she can't even crawl yet, that really seems absurd. But it's true. She is very independent (and yet I am hardly ever allowed to put her down or let anyone else hold her!), and as soon as she is mobile, that's the end of her babyhood.

Shes so stinkin' big. 21 lbs is not fun to carry around. Especially when it squirms and wiggles and bounces on your hip. Or when it lunges forward anytime it sees something it likes. But there are times in every day where I look down at her and shes just sitting there with her arms wrapped around me, looking all cute and content. Kind of reminds me of a little monkey. Anyway, those moments make all the other annoying/ painful (carpel tunnel anyone?)/ inconvenient times worth it. Writing this reminds me that I need to learn to tie my moby wrap so that I can hold her on my hip hands free...

Anyway, I miss that tiny, snuggly, largely unaware of her surroundings baby. She was happiest in mommy's arms, but she would sleep anywhere at all, and would let just about anyone hold her if they wanted to. She was floppy and kinda squished but I miss her so. Now she can't be bothered to snuggle and she won't sleep anywhere but her bed or car seat. She is happy to go to brother or daddy or anyone else she knows and likes, unless she is sleepy. Hahaha I still get the nuzzles in when she has just woken up and is still kind of mellow. Nuzzles and lots of kisses. :)

My little sister is having her baby tomorrow and one of our good friends had a baby last Wednesday. I guess I kind of have newborn fever. Those teeny tiny babies are absolutely addictive!!! Their smell, those adorable little helpless cries, those tiny clothes!!! And with that thought, I must now go down memory lane in picture form:

What do I miss almost as much as the snuggles? That dark, crazy, fluffy newborn hair!!!!

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