Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Wish I Enjoyed Cooking

I came accross the picture above at  and I just had to share it. Isn't it marvelous? It is so pretty I want to keep it as a decoration!!!

I love the websites that show party ideas and decorations such as and and so many more just like them. I cannot get enough. I have been addicted to them since I discovered them a few years ago while looking for ideas for my son's birthday. I get so many wonderful ideas from these sites. I also fill up my hard drive saving so many pictures for ideas. Its crazy. I cannot help it, that's what makes it an addiction, lol. Anyway, I was looking at the updates on one of my favorite sites and came across a link to  I have a new addiction.

I am not sure why I enjoy looking at pictures of yummy treats like cookies, and cupcakes that I can't eat, thanks to my gluten intolerance, but I really do. I HATE cooking and baking, so it makes no sense really. I mean, I really really loathe it. Why do these pictures of sprinkles and rainbow jello creations entice me so much? Maybe I just love the bright colors, or maybe I secretly want to be a yummy treats food photographer? I seriously want to open a bakery and be surrounded by these delicious looking creations all day long. I just don't want any part in creating them, or decorating them! I will let you know how that works out.

Maybe I will just print pictures of these wonderful things and hang them up on my walls and burn a cupcake scented candle and pretend I am in a bakery all day long. I can't see how that would be a bad thing... ;)

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