Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Noes!

Hailey Bug broke out around 11pm last night with a bright pink rash all over her cute little body! I first noticed a few little speckles on her arms, and within a few minutes, she was completely covered!!! :( They are teeny tiny, and she hasn't seemed to notice them at all, so I am pretty sure they don't itch. She has no fever and isn't acting sick. Several people have suggested that it looks a lot like roseola. I am thinking they might be right because last week she had a cough and a slight fever and she was really crabby. Especially because she didn't nap well at all on those days. A few people have suggested detergent or soap but because there are so many dots UNDER her diaper, I know that detergent just can't be it. And I have used the same baby soap on her that I have from day one so thats probably not it either. I want to get a picture of it so bad but the dots are so tiny they don't show up. She has one big dot on her face but since the other dots wouldn't show up, it would probably look like a pimple... no fun.

Ugh. School is about to start again. I have never been more tempted to put my son in public school. Just the thought of trying to find time to SORT my school stuff wears me out. I don't know how we are going to get through this year completely, but we will figure it out. Or I guess, I will figure it out. Alex is going to have a lot more limits this year starting out. WAAAAY less tv on school days, and if necessary, way less video games as well. I am not going to fight and argue my way through school every day with him this time. I don't have the energy for it and I shouldn't have to. I think having to EARN his tv by finishing school first, and having way more restrictions on it will help a lot with the attitude problems. I really hope so.

I am obsessed with learning how to make bows!!! I want to learn how to make bigger bows than just the clippies I have been making. And then eventually, I want to move on to those massive boutique bows you see on those really cute babies in all those portraits! :) I want to go buy tons of ribbon and just practice. But that would require having some extra money. I don't have any of that. Sigh... and now, here is a bit of random Hailey Buggy cuteness:

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