Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soon to be mobile

The baby wants to crawl so bad she can hardly stand it! Its.almost impossible to hold her in your lap.anymore. She bends over so far that you.almost drop her and have no choice hut to put her down. Once she is down though, she still isnt happy because she cant go anywhere. Its like when you cant get comfortable in bed. You just keep rolling over, trying to find a poaition that works. Shes there. All the time.

Poor Hailey Bug keeps smacking her face on the ground because she goes from sitting up to lunging forward into the crawling position. Alex never did that and i have no idea how to stop her from continuing to hurt herself, short of not allowing her to do it at all. I have tried to help her while i see her going but she still ends up hitting the ground in some way. Wish we had carpet in the living room.

Her head has been meeting the floor a lot lately. She also falls over while sitting up a lot because she grabs her feet and lifts them up and because she just doesnt realize she cant just lay back anytime she wants. She can now turn in a full circle while sitting up. Its kind of cool to watch. And she takes steps if you hold her hands and help her walk. She can scoot backwards like an expert when on her belly and she can go all over  the place while on her back! I love this new exiting develppement but  I will be so grateful when this stage is over. Its exhausting and stressful.

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