Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Happens When You Feed the Baby Lasagna...

My 8 month old baby girl has started to DEMAND my food. Seriously. I had just fed her a whole jar of stage 3 baby food, and a jar of stage 2 as well, and surely she was stuffed. Once I started to eat my dinner, which happened to be lasagna, she demanded loudly, by crying and reaching, for some of mine as well. So I gave her a tomato. And then a piece of meat. And soon she had actually eaten quite a bit of my food. Where she put it, I don't know. But in the process, she got it EVERYWHERE! She didn't even play with it, the mess just kind of happened!

I am having trouble getting her to eat much stage 2 stuff anymore. She has a few bites and turns her head and then demands to have most of my food instead. I don't know what to do about that because she isn't ready for all table foods yet, and baby food companies offer a VERY limited selection of stage 3 stuff. Kind of frustrating.

These pictures are funny because I learned something very interesting the night I took these. She was being cute with her mess and looking very proud of herself eating "big girl food" so I just grabbed our snapshot camera and took some pictures. When I put the camera down, she started to cry. I picked it up and aimed it at her and she smiled really big again just like this. I wish I had a way to get a picture of her when the camera was down but obviously that was impossible. She literally CRIED!!! We kept doing this for about 5 minutes just because it was really funny.

The more I did it, the happier she was each time the camera came back. She was our family's dinner entertainment for the evening.
Hailey is definitely a photographer's baby! Very different from my son, who to this day, makes mean faces at me when I try to get a picture of him. I have to catch him off guard. I hope she stays just like this!! I love this age, she is discovering something new every single day!

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