Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY Nonskid Baby Socks

Let me start buy saying that I love! It's such a great website- I have gotten so many amazing ideas from that place!!! I have hardwood floors, and a baby who walks everywhere. With winter coming up, that means socks are a must to keep little feet from freezing. That also means little feet have a hard time, because there is a LOT of slipping and sliding. Lately that has also meant lots of tears and frustration.

I was so excited when I saw the DIY nonskid babysocks because that is exactly what we need! :D Supposedly all it takes is a little puffy paint.

If you are thinking that most baby socks already have nonskid bottoms, you are almost right. They have have maybe a strip of rubbery words and in some cases, a few decorative dots on the bottom, but honestly they do nothing.  Especially since the little rubbery things aren't anywhere that is helpful, like where babies actually put their weight when they walk, which is heels and toes.

I broke out all the baby socks and a brand new bottle of puffy paint, and proceeded to cover the bottoms with designs. All of the examples I saw on pinterest involved cute litle happy faces and hearts and various other adorable doodles, so that was the plan. I started out trying to make them somewhat attractive, but that didn't last long. It took forever and after four socks, my wrist started to hurt. Yep, I'm a lightweight!

This is what they ended up looking like towards the end. I was just scribbling, trying to get as much on there as possible. It wasn't pretty, but it served it's purpose. I continued coating socks until the bottle was empty.

I have no idea if they will actually work or not, but I will let you know. I really hope so!

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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing your project. I will be tackling my sons socks soon!I am new to blogging and pinterest and I am loving both! I will be following your blog!


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