Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Finally Made Some Bows!!!

A ladybug bow for the Hailey Bug!
I just had to share some bows that I made this week. They aren't big and poofy and spectacular like something you would find on Etsy, but I just learned how to make them and I am really excited. Hopefully someday soon I will also know how to make the big poofy boutique type bows, but one step at a time! :) My bows also tend to be a little bit crooked, but hey, that gives them character, right? Oh, and I also made a shirt to match my favorite bow. Yes, a shirt. I saved those for last because they are my favorites!

This one looks more crooked than it is. It's just the way it was laying in the picture.

I actually made this one just to match an outfit she has. :D

I LOVE polka dots!

Yay polka dots!

I even snuck some polka dots onto the striped bow! :P

THIS is my favorite! :D It's technically not a UK bow, but I have wanted one for a long time and then I saw this ribbon and HAD to make it asap!!! I LOVE this bow! If it matched any of her clothes, she would wear it every day!

Here is the shirt I made to match the bow. She needed something to wear it with! And now she has a brand new shirt to wear. :D It's a little bit plain, but I just adore it!

A close up of the ribbon on her shirt. I can't wait to make lots more shirts and bows!

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  1. LOVE the Ladybug bow. I just figured out how to make cute little bows out of felt and my daughter wore bows for months. Ha! Gotta love 'em. Stopping by from Running with Glitter.


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