Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Crawling Thing Isn't As Much Fun As I'd Hoped It Would Be...

I couldn't wait for Hailey Bug to crawl because I just knew I was going to have so much more free time- time to actually read email or maybe even scrapbook again! I had high hopes. I knew the second she could crawl, she would be gone and be too busy playing to need mommy all the time. I was right, but, but my problem has gotten worse. I have even LESS free time than before!

I thought that instead of the few minutes of peace I used to get where I could sit her down to do something else, I would have a lot of that because she would be so busy exploring and playing that she wouldn't need me. This is true. The problem is that now she never just sits and plays quietly because she doesn't have to. She crawls simply as a means to get her to something she can pull up on and walk with.

Maybe for a normal baby that wouldn't be a problem, but I swear I am considering one of those stupid looking padded helmets for her. She keeps just randomly letting go and falling over! I tried the wait and see if she would figure it out approach, but one major head smash a day (minimum), was too much for me. So now, any time she is standing up (which is any time I have put her down, even for a minute), I have to be right there with her to catch her when she falls.

Those brief moments where I could set her down to do something like load the dryer or go to the bathroom, for example, are gone. The worst part is, she has NO fear! She just goes full steam ahead. Sigh. Anyone know ways to teach a baby better balance? I mean, besides letting them fall over until they figure it out? I have learned my lesson: be careful what you wish for!

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