Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shark Shirt

I finally made my son the shark shirt that he requested. I felt bad that I have made a ton of shirts for the baby, but none for him. So when I asked what he wanted and he requested the shark, I knew it would be pretty easy. But then I kept forgetting or just not having time. But now it's done. YAY!!! :D Not much, but I thought I would share. :)

Alex really liked the fabric that I chose for the shark.
It looks kind of scruffy, but I really kind of like the way the fabric frays a little. After I wash it, all of the edges will be slightly frayed. It gives it a cool effect. I am afraid of what would happen if I didn't sew around the edges though... I know it wouldn't come off but it might not STOP fraying with subsequent washes. Hmmm...

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