Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge : Family Fun

This may not look like fun in the traditional sense, but really it was. Hailey Bug adores her brother, and to her, nothing is more fun than spending time with him; playing with him, wrestling with him, getting attention from him in any form possible. And nuzzles? That's about as good as it gets in her opinion. She loves that boy so much. Even when he is mean to her. So even though this picture doesn't show the fun they were having two minutes before and two minutes after, (they were playing with bubbles and chalk before they stopped to take a snuggle break), there was still a lot of fun being had at that moment. :D These two make my heart happy.

Go see the other submissions or join in the fun now, at www,Iheartfaces.com!


  1. Super cute!!! I love how little ones look up to their older brothers and sisters. Just precious!

  2. So cute. Look at his eyelashes. She seems to adore him.

  3. That is so cute! Just read your profile. I'm a 30-something living in Lexington, SC and homeschooling one of my two children! I am your newest follower. Being a SAHM is HARD work!

  4. Thanks! :) That's pretty cool! Being a a sahm really is hard work! Sheesh. But such an amazing blessing!!! :)


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