Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Dog Is Well Loved and So Are We!!! :D

 Last week, I petitioned all of my friend's and family on Facebook to join us in prayer for our dog Lilly. The vet had us convinced that unless Lilly had surgery in the next few days after her diagnosis, she was going to die. We believed her. Those were very sad days. We were hopeful, but very sad. I kept wondering, will today be the last time I get to wake up with her next to our bed? Will today be the last time I pet her? Will this be last time I give her a little bite of my food when I am done? Everything seemed so final and despite the hope, there was a dark cloud over everything we did for the next few days.

I am happy to say now, that we are almost certain she will be fine. The vet originally gave us antibiotics to buy us some time as we decided what to do for our dog, and how to do it. They were also a just in case solution, because without the tests (that we didn't have enough money to cover having done), there was no way to know for sure what the problem was. It was her best guess. After the 48 hour window passed and our dog had visibly improved, we called the vet. She said to watch Lilly, and bring her in at the one week mark.

At her checkup Monday, the vet noted that the hemorrhaging had stopped, and the smell had gone, (which was a miracle in itself), and that she wasn't incessantly licking the area as she had been. She was perky again, her tail actually wagged, her eyes were not sunken and she was no longer dehydrated! She said that based on the recovery, and the lump, she still thinks it was pymoetra, but that it wasn't very far along yet and we got lucky. She said that as soon as the antibiotics course is done in another week, it could come right back, or it could wait 6 months before getting bad again. If it comes back after immediately, we will need to get her the surgery asap. Otherwise, we can wait and save money and shop around for the cheapest spay and nueter clinic. She won't have to have expensive I.V.s to rehydrate her or expensive pre-op care because she is well again!

Obviously I believe that this was the answer to the many prayers being sent up for Lilly by us and our loving friends and family. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and I cannot imagine NOT having that support system. I love that I can get on FB and find out what my friends are going through, and how to pray for them. I love that I can get on FB and ask them to pray for me when I am going through something. And because they are so awesome, I know they do. :) It doesn't get any better than that! Our doggy is well, we have time to save up money and find our doggy a good surgeon in our price range, and we are loved. Wow, God is good!

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