Saturday, February 25, 2012


I first saw this idea on Pinterest. I was instantly fascinated. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I ALWAYS have glow sticks on hand, and that for any occasion at all that involves darkness (4th of July, going to the movies, etc..), glow sticks will not be far away. I love them. I always have. My kids honestly don't care as much as I do, but they humor me. I first tried making Glow Lanterns, (as they are known on Pinterest), last year. It was really messy and took a LOT of glow sticks. It was kind of a fail. You can read about it here. This time, I knew what I was doing and it was a lot more fun!

I knew I wanted to make a rainbow. :) Why? Because rainbows are my thing. I started with 6 clean stage 3 baby food jars, and glow sticks in all of the colors I needed. I got a package of ten on clearance after Halloween for less than $2.00! How awesome is that? I knew that they would be perfect for this exact thing!

I filled each of the baby food jars with water, cracked the glow sticks, and my husband cut each one open and poured them in. I had him do it because it was kind of tough to do. The glow sticks are pretty tough to cut through.

It was really quick and very simple. And my kids had a really good time with it. I made an extra one and put it in a water bottle for my 14 month old. I didn't think letting the baby play with a glass jar was a good idea. She wasn't impressed. It didn't glow nearly as bright through the plastic.

This is what they looked like BEFORE we shook them. Really bright and kind of like mini non moving lava lamps. This was my favorite stage. I think next time we do this, there will be no shaking.

And this is what they looked like AFTER we shook them. Kind of muted and boring but still glowy. Once they are mixed up, they fade pretty quickly. The color is almost instantly dimmer. It's very sad. From there the color fades pretty quickly. I guess it mixes with the water and gets diluted. I think next time I will use smaller stage 2 jars, or double the glow sticks.

This was a LOT of fun. My kids really enjoyed playing with the jars, and even after they dim, they cast a pretty light to sleep with. I think this is a new favorite :) I am going to keep finding new ways to switch it up though. All in all, this activity cost us less than $2.00 and provided hours of entertainment.


  1. Ooooh! Love this. I have always LOVE rainbows and I would've chosen these colors too. I am going to pin this on Pinterest so I remember to do it next time I see glowsticks on sale!

  2. This is pretty neat! I love glow sticks too. ;)

  3. would this work just cracking the glow stick and place the whole thing in the water no mess and no trying to cut it open I love the whole glow thing too If I find time Ill try it and post

  4. Yes, it would work. There are lots of examples of exactly that on Pinterest. It's a pretty cool effect. For example, in the bathtub, or in a cup at a party. If you wanted to use baby food jars like this, you would just put the connector on one of the bracelet type glow sticks and put it in the bottom. It looks really need and as you said, no mess. :D You should definitely try it!

  5. Neat I like all the glow jars with glow sticks in them. Enjoyed your site.


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