Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Upset

Have you ever been so upset about something that you don't even want to talk about it? Don't want to think about it? I am there. I have been internalizing something for about a week now and it's eating me alive. Really. I have been dealing with some heavy stuff with my family and it just seems to keep getting worse.

I might get around to writing it all down in the near future, because I know it would make me feel better. For now I am not quite ready to let it all out. I know that once it starts, it's not going to stop for awhile. Sometimes it leaks out a little bit though. I will be in the middle of a normal conversation with my husband and all of a sudden I just kind of go off about the nonsense. Then I shake me head and go back to our previous conversation.

I  haven't been this sad in a long long time. That's life I guess. BLARGH!

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