Friday, February 17, 2012

VERY SICK TODDLER and Tons of New Little Clippies

I have been making a ton of bows lately. The baby has been sick all week long and she doesn't like it when I walk around if she isn't feeling good because she doesn't want to follow me everywhere. And needless to say, carrying 25lbs everywhere isn't much fun for very long, and I avoid it as much as possible. So I make bows. And watch a LOT of tv. And cuddle. When Hailey Bug doesn't feel very good, she makes sure that EVERYONE around her knows it. I think even the neighbors know by now that she isn't feeling very well.

In fact, I didn't really watch so much tv as I did stare at the screen and hope the crying stopped soon. That sounds insensitive but this kid has been inconsolable at MANY times in the past week. She would get off my lap and just stand there and cry. I would pick her up and she would get back down. I would get up and see if she tried to lead me anywhere but she just stood there and cried some more. I even tried carrying her around and attempted to distract her but sometimes she just wanted to cry it seemed. But after she finally calmed down, she was content to cuddle for a bit. It has been a long stressful week. It only made matters worse that the dog whines loudly whenever the baby cries. Its indescribable. And when your nerves are on edge because you have been listening to crying off and on all day long, the dog just makes it sooooo much worse. Like nails on a chalkboard.

So yep. Bows have been my distraction. When I couldn't stand the tv for another second and I needed something quick and easy to do. Quick because the moments she let me do anything at all besides cuddle were few and far between. I have cabin fever BAD. Thank God tonight is craft night at my church! Here I come fellow adults and no crying baby (that belongs to me)  for miles!!!! :D

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