Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Lid Matching Game

I got this idea from a friend and fellow homeschooler. I think she used pop bottle lids and matching stickers. I decided to make mine a little more advanced by matching uppercase and lowercase letters. I can use the uppercase when Hailey first starts learning letters, and use the matching letters when she is older.

Another friend of mine brought a bag full of these caps to craft night and I knew they would be perfect for this! I am pretty sure that they are the caps you find on the end of those long cardboard tubes used to protect posters and signs. They are the perfect size for us- nice and big and NOT a choking hazard! Very important around here with a toddler that  never stops!

I tend to end up with unused letter stickers when I scrapbook, so I just used some old letters that I had in my scrap pile.
 I also made a Disney character matching game with these lids. Everyone gets those cute little Disney stickers in the mail, and I happened to have several sets in the sticker drawer. Yes, I have an entire drawer devoted entirely to stickers. This project was super quick and easy. The whole project, (both sets), took maybe 30 minutes. Maybe. Now I have a matching game that is safe for baby hands. And a matching game for when Hailey starts learning her letters, and it will expand and still be useful when she starts school in a few years. And guess what? The best part is: it was completely FREE!!! :D

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