Monday, April 30, 2012

Popsicles and Bare Feet

Today, Hailey Bug had her first popsicle. I am pretty laid back but I have little tolerance for sticky messes, so the rule in our house is that ALL popsicles have to be eaten outside. Which naturally means there arent many being eaten when its cold outside!

Today it was nice and warm and everyone got to eat a yummy grape popsicle. Hailey knew just what to do. She gobbled it right up! I love babies (I know I know, she is a toddler, but in my head she is still a baby!), with popsicles!!!
Alex looks so big in these pictures! He will be 9 years old in a few months!

Dirty face, sticky hands and arms: it doesn't get much better than that!!! :D I hope you guys are enjoying the good weather too! Have a wonderful day!!! 
~ Sarah

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