Thursday, April 12, 2012

Raiinbow Rice and Pasta

I saw dyed rice on Pinterest and was instantly intrigued. What a really cool idea, who knew? I HAD to try it. And since I love colors and we all know I love rainbow everything, I had to make it rainbow rice. While I was on the site looking for the original idea so I could link back to it, I came across many different versions of rainbow dyed rice. Guess I am not that original after all. I am ok with that! :D It was a lot of fun. So much fun that I decided to break out a box of pasta and dye that too. And I learned a lot. I will definitely be doing this again.
 A lot of the tutorials on Pinterest showed the people dying their rice with that fancy food coloring that comes in pots. I know it is commonly used for icing and fondant but I don't ever do that, so I don't own any. I just used the normal boring food dye that comes in those little bottles with the pointy lids that remind me of garden gnomes. Maybe I am the only one. I dunno.

Most of the other sites also used vinegar but I used hand sanitizer because that is what they used in the original tutorial I came across. I may have to try vinegar next time to see if the results are different. I used a full pump of the hand sanitizer on the first bag I made. Which was waaay too much and I ended up having to use almost double the dye. So less hand sanitizer is better. :D

With the pasta, I had a harder time. The rice was absorbent and sucked the color right up. On the contrary, the pasta wanted nothing to do with the color. If you notice, the purple is more of a funky magenta/ blackish brownish color. Oh well. I had to use as little hand sanitizer as possible because when it got really liquidy, it wouldn't stick. I had to use at least 5 drops of food color per bag, and for the red it was more like 8. Same with purple. And as you can see, the bags got dyed too. The pasta didn't suck up the extra like the rice did. Wondering if vinegar would work better on the pasta. 

Now I can't wait for it to dry so I can get pictures of the baby playing with it!!! :D I am going to put it in a big container and set her loose with bowls and measuring cups and little sand toys. She's gonna love it!
Oh, and consider this your warning: no matter how careful you are, you will probably end up with dye somewhere. On your countertop, on your hands, (hopefully not on your clothes!), but it will almost definitely end up somewhere that you may not want it to. Just be careful!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest. I couldn't find the original tutorial that I saw a long time ago, but here is a really good one if you are interested:


  1. i do this once every few months. we always do pasta so we can use it in art. So fun!!

  2. So do you have any tips? Like, for example, why the dye didn't want to stick to the pasta? Did I just use too much hand sanitizer? Any ideas how to make my purple a prettier color instead of that yucky muted color? :)


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