Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playtime in the Sun

That's Hailey's "yucky" face. She found a peice of gum that Alex hadn't thrown away properly, and put it in her mouth. And then she promptly made this face, and removed it. Not sure what caused such a strong reaction there, but I am very glad it did, since gum is a choking hazard and all...
I love how her little belly sticks out when she is standing up. Isn't that just adorable? I wonder why it's cute when a toddler's belly is sticking out, but not when mine does? Lol! :P

Here's the deal: today, you get to see pictures of the cutest baby ever, and I get to complain. I have been taking pictures with a "real" camera since I was in middle school- and while I don't feel like doing the math on that right this minute, let me go ahead and assure you that it's been a very long time. So you would think that by now I would be good at taking pictures in ANY situation. But I really kind of suck at taking pictures in bright sunlight. I can wing it and I can get a handful of decent ones if I take about 100.

Let me just also just establish that I never shoot in manual. You know, those "modes" cameras have like portrait, action, etc...? I don't use those. I like to CONTROL the shot. I like to be the one taking the picture, not letting the camera do it. You get so much control over the RESULTS that way. At least, unless you are me shooting outside in bright sunlight. Bleh. Super bright sunlight is my nemesis.

Most of my issues are because of clouds. I finally figure out the perfect exposure to compensate for the crazy sunshine without being too dark, and then a stupid cloud comes by and ruins everything. GRRR. And don't get me started on how when it's super bright outside, I can't even see my screen to see if I got my shot. Stupid sunlight. I like normal, sunny days. Gimme those anytime. Ok. I am done now. 

 She was showing me the "yucky" mud, while telling me how yucky it was. I think she repeated it at least 5 times! Here is what I want to know: if it's so yucky, why did she pick it up in the first place? Silly girl!!!
More of the "yucky" mud

This picture makes my day. I rarely capture her smiling. Even though she does it often, I never seem to be able to capture it with my camera. 
This funny expression is what happens when mommy takes a picture while the baby is talking :D

This kid never sits still. I think I had my camera out for a total of ten minutes. She was everywhere! One second she is playing with crayons on the porch, the next minute she is in the yard playing with yucky mud. I can't keep up with her!

 This is Hailey and Alex's favorite spot in the yard. He calls it their fort. They go behind those giant bushes on the left there, and I cannot see them at all. I sometimes I have to go back there to check that they are still in the yard because they are playing so quietly and all by themselves which almost NEVER happens!!! I have no idea what they are actually doing back there because every time I go to see, (even if I sneak up on them!), they are just sitting there... but somehow it keeps them entertained!!!

 Thanks for listening to me rant (if you actually read that far). Maybe someday I will get better at this whole shooting in bright sunlight thing? Dunno. In the meantime, the cuteness of the Hailey Bug will override the fact that these pictures aren't that great technically speaking. At least I think so! :D Then again, I am biased... Have a great day you guys!
 ~ Sarah

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