Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alex's 9th Birthday/ Hailey Bug's First Ice Cream Cone

Sorry this is a cell phone pic post. :-) My son Alex turned 9 years old on Monday, and to celebrate, (he had his party earlier in the week), we went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream! I can't believe I am the mother of a 9 year old kid! Let alone the fact that my little boy is now almost NOT a little boy at all...
 We started out with just a bowl, but soon Hailey noticed that Alex had something special: a cone!
 She started asking for it and we decided to get her one. After a little inspection, she loved it!
 We scooped a little bit of ice cream at a time into the cone to prevent a huge mess, and it kept her from being overwhelmed. I think we will do that from now on, because it worked SO well.
 Such a big girl! And I really love the fact that she is still wearing her Ichthus wrist band from the weekend before! :D That thing is so little and oh so cute. And now some more pics of the birthday boy:
In a few years he will NOT be amused by this picture. But I couldn't care any less, lol. Yep, I am a bad mom. MWAHAHAHAHAH! :P Nowadays, these are the only kind of pictures he willingly poses for.
Hope it's been a good one. 9 years ago, I became a mommy because of this little boy. This wonderful, amazing, rotten, hard headed, argumentative, snuggly, smart and silly boy. I love this kid SO MUCH.
<3 Sarah

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