Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hailey's First Visit to the Petting Zoo

This little one loves her daddy! She is a Daddy's girl, through and through. As soon as he walks into the room, she runs to him, and the minute he leaves, she cries. I love to watch them together. They make my heart happy. :D
 We went to something that happens every year in our town called Free Friday Flicks. I look forward to it all year long. We have gone every year of our marriage (that'll be 10 this September). They show free movies on a big screen in the park every Friday night in June. And before it gets dark enough to see the movie, they have awesome free stuff for the kids to do. Inflatables, games, face painting, and my favorite: the petting zoo. This year it has just been a few sheep and goats, a mamma chicken with baby chicks in a cage, and a llama, but it's still cool. Where else do you and your kids get to hang out with sheep?
 At first, Hailey was excited by the animals and was happy to watch them. She even went up to the chicken cage and stuck her fingers in. But when she realized that we were going to walk up to the bigger animals and actually TOUCH them, she wasn't very excited. As you can see in the picture below, she was less than enthused.

When we first walked over, she made her daddy pick her up and visibly cringed when any of the sheep or goats would get to close. The funniest part was, the sheep were especially friendly, and one or two actually licked her a couple of times on the face, but she wasn't having it. She would slap at the sheep and do her best to get away.

She LOVES sheep in books and movies, so I thought she would be very excited to see them in real life. She is the same way with dogs. She runs up to them, no matter how big they are and full body hugs them before anyone can stop her. One time at the pet store, there was a HUGE dalmatian that was as tall as me, and she followed that thing through store the whole time we were there. So it never occurred to me that a sheep would unnerve her. But they did! She didn't mind them while they were behind the bars, but the second a head or hoof popped out, she was backing up.
Then "Bubby" (that's what she has been calling Alex lately), came to the rescue. He decided he wanted to feed some of the sheep, so we had her go with him and watch. It was like a light switched on and all of a sudden she was totally ok with being close to the bigger animals. We gave her a cup of her own food, and she was SUPER excited about feeding them! So we got her more, and slowly, she started walking up to them all by herself!
 As soon as she saw him doing it, she jumped right in and started trying to feed the sheep too!

My girl, getting brave! :D
She even let her daddy hold her while feeding the llama! In the beginning, we tried that and she had a cow! She never worked up enough nerve to actually hold the cup while the llama ate from it, but I bet she will next time!
 At the end, she was so happy to be near the animals that she actually started trying to climb in. :D 

Hope you got to do something fun this week too! :D 
~ Sarah

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