Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Time at the Playland in the Mall

I used to take GOOD pictures with my real camera. :D It seems that lately, all I manage to get is a few snapshots on my phone's camera. Oh well, better that than nothing. We took Hailey Bug, who is 18 months old until tomorrow, to the mall this weekend to play in the kiddie area for a little while. She had never seen anything like it before, and she had a blast! You can see the sheer delight on her face:
It's a funny little expression. She was laughing when I snapped it. But it was the laughter of pure joy: out loud, no holds barred laughter. It was so much fun to watch!
This giant teddy bear was her favorite thing there. The first time Hailey Bug saw it, she walked right up and hugged it. The next time, she wandered over, hugged it and even gave it a kiss. :D Not sure why she did that but I wish I had been taking pictures when that happened. I kept hoping she would do it again, but she never did. So sad. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen her do!
 This milk spill was her second favorite thing. She enjoyed stepping on and off of it. I think it was because the carpet was some kind of bouncy rubber, and she could really feel the bounce when she stepped off. That is just my guess. Even I really enjoy walking on that carpet.
She spent about half the time we were there, just stepping on and off of the milk spill! My silly girl!

Looking at these pictures, she looks like such a big girl to me! She is only 1 and a half, but she totally looks so big! When did my baby stop looking like a baby??? SHE IS STILL A BABY! :(
Even though she looks big to me here, she was the littlest one in the play area. All the other kids were much older, and kept knocking her down or to the side. She took it in stride, too busy being fascinated by all the giant play things and all the crazy loud kids running around to be upset about it. She hardly even noticed. But it bothered me. A lot. Oh well.
I was worried that because she is so small and wasn't able to climb up on everything like a 2 yr old could, that she wouldn't really have much fun. In fact, that is why we waited so long to take her there. Which is funny because now that I am thinking about it, we took my son Alex when he was still crawling. Hmmm. Honestly, it would have been disastrous if she was crawling, because she would have gotten run over in the first five minutes. It was waaay too crowded and chaotic for a small baby, so I am glad we waited. This was just right. She loved every minute of it and we will have to find time to go back soon. Probably during a weekday when all the other, bigger kids are in school...

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Wish our mall had a playland area! So glad she fit right in and didn't get tranpled. She's adorable!


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