Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hailey's First Trip to the Zoo

 Last weekend we took Hailey to the zoo for the first time. I was really excited because she really enjoys animals, and I knew she was going to love it. I was wrong... Sort of. The most excited she got about any one animal was the monkeys. And even then she was more interested about climbing the fence that enclosed the monkeys, than she actually was in them. They just kind of sat there and she lost interest.

Part of the problem was that the zoo was VERY crowded, so she didn't really ever get an opportunity to walk around. I was afraid she would get run over or lost. It was a genuine possibility, it was that crowded. Most of the time, this is what we looked like:
It's hard to excited about animals (that are really far away behind bars and glass), when you are riding around in a stroller. Especially when 20 other people are pressed up against the glass in front of you.
She only got to see a handful of animals the whole day. If I think about it too hard, it makes me sad. Instead, I am choosing to be happy about the animals she did get to see. She actually got to see this little guy as up close as possible. When she saw him, she pointed and said, "OWL!". Which surprised the heck out of me, because I had not taught her that one yet... I gotta say, he is kind of cute!
Alex and Corey (my friend's kid, Alex's buddy, and Hailey's favorite person on the planet), had a good time. They just squeezed between all the other people and had themselves a look at whatever they wanted. The crowds didn't phase them a bit. Must have been nice. Lol.

 Hailey Bug never got to see the tiger, which is sad because she LOVES tigers and lions. This is because whenever we watch a movie where the intro has a lion that roars, she gets all excited and roars too. And squeals, "LION! ROAR!". So I know she would have been very excited to see a real one. :(
She saw the gorilla, but seeing as how he just laid there all lazy the whole time, she was unimpressed. Chris (my hubby), says that we just got there too late and the animals were too tired and hot to do anything. I say that's as good an excuse as any but it still stinks. After NOT seeing a bunch of random animals that literally melted into their backgrounds (another reason it was hard for her to see them), we moved on to the carousel. I knew she was going to love that because she loved it so much at the fair.
 She had a blast. Until the ride stopped. Then she flipped out. I mean, full on tantrum. The picture below is the expression on her face as she realized the ride was stopping. I knew she would be upset but I had no idea what was coming. She threw herself on the ground and screamed bloody murder. 
There was no line, we literally got off the ride, walked around and got back on. But she was screaming and crying so hard by the time we got back on, that despite her happiness to be back on the carousel, her cheeks were streaked with tears. I tried to explain that we were going to ride again, but she didn't get it.
So, while all of the other children were basking in the post ride glow, she was having a cow. I got some really strange looks. Strangely it didn't bother me that much. Eh. Alex is my mellow child. :D
 Looking at Corey. She is still upset from her tantrum, but trying to be happy. That's ALMOST a smile.
 I didn't have it in me to put up with two epic meltdowns in a 10 minute span or I would have let her ride again, but one was all I could handle. Sad. Wish she could skip the freak out part when it is over and just  enjoy the ride. It makes her SO happy to be on the carousel. Wonder what she likes so much?
Such a cutie when she isn't having a cow. Sheesh. I wish words could describe how much she loves the stupid carousel. Chris even said we need to build one in the backyard now. If only!
Her favorite animal of the day was the matinee, which happens to be my favorite animal as well. I think she liked it so much because it was SO CLOSE. Especially after looking at a bunch of animals that might as well have been pictures on a wall. This one moved constantly, was huge and was only a few feet away!
She got to watch the baby matinee eating a head of lettuce while sitting in a bubble. She thought that was awesome.  I thought it was cute. And I got to get a picture of her little toes. 
If you are ever in doubt about which one to take a toddler to, an aquarium or a zoo... pick the aquarium.

<3, Sarah

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