Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buggy's First Time Ice Skating!

We went ice skating with the youth group at our church last week. I wasn't able to skate but there were enough people willing to help my husband out with Hailey Bug that she got to skate! It was her first time on the ice. She loved it! I was pretty far away, so I wasn't able to capture the giant smile she had plastered on her face most of the time. Nor was I actually able to capture with my camera any of the hundreds of times she fell over. Oh well. She didn't really seem to mind falling.
This is a picture of Chris (hubby), helping Hailey Bug out onto the ice for the first time. It kind of looks like she is dragging him. Hmm.... Lol.
I love this picture because Hailey's little belly is sticking out. Not sure what was up with that, her shirt fit. Must have been a Daddy thing. Ha!

Here, one of the other youth leaders, Steph, is helping Hailey Bug.

I think Bug liked skating with her best of all because she did more with her. Every time they passed me, her smile was the biggest I have ever seen on her!

Toddler get to wear those little double bladed "skates" that strap onto the bottom of their shoes. I was glad for that, because it gave her stability and she had no trouble keeping her balance. I think it would have been a lot harder for her otherwise. She pretty much just walked around on the ice. She didn't really get the whole gliding thing. Next time!
She really enjoyed bending over and picking up the little piles of ice shavings and then eating them. Kind of gross, but I wasn't out there to stop it so there was nothing I could do. Blech. This kid loves to eat snow.

Poor Alex had a much harder time of it. He also went skating for the first time when he was 2, and has been many times since... but for some reason he has never really gotten the hang of it. This kid is SO much like me, it's just not even funny. Hailey Bug is just like her daddy (anything sporty or dangerous seems fun to them and they are good at everything that they do!), and poor Alex unfortunately got the goofy, nonathletic, slightly nerdy, scaredy cat, artistic genes instead. I was hoping all of my kids would be more like Chris.

He and I are both wall huggers when we skate. He only fell over when he let go! :D
 I wish I had gotten a picture of the three of them together but they were never in the same place at the same time. Alex skated slowly alone or with his friends (I didn't share those pictures for privacy reasons), but he didn't really hang out with his dad and sister too much. 

I have a feeling we will be doing this again sometime very soon. :D
<3 Sarah

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