Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It's been awhile since I have posted anything on here... obviously. I decided to take a break to think, and make some decisions about this blog. I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish here. I have been dealing with the problem of lack of direction for awhile. Every time I wanted to post something, I would struggle with whether or not it was relevant. I was trying to fit my posts into a tiny little box of a certain type, and I was feeling very strangled by that. After much internal debate and introspection, I realized a few things.

1.) The most important question I had to ask myself is: Why do I blog? Once I decided that, I asked myself, what do I hope to accomplish by blogging. My answers were pretty simple. I blog because I have things I want to share. Not with anyone in particular (although I of course have a list of people that I would love to have read my blog), but that I don't want to keep to myself. Sometimes that is pictures of how much fun my kids and I had with popsicles one afternoon. Sometimes that is all of the bows I made in my last batch. Sometimes that is how sad I am about this that or the other. The point is, sometimes I have things that I want to share. And that is when I blog. What do I hope to accomplish by blogging? That one was harder to answer. Lots of things. I was tempted to shrug and answer, nothing. But that is not entirely truthful. I love that blogging brings people together. It makes this big wide world a little bit smaller. Assuming that someday people actually read this blog, it will help them get to know me better and hopefully, give me a chance to know them better. At least a little. I have a small list of things I hope to accomplish. I will spare you, but they are all basically slight variations on the one I did share. The list will change and grow I am sure, as this little journey continues.

2.) This blog doesn't really have a theme. I am not a style blogger or a craft blogger. I guess you could fit me under the umbrella of mommy blogger because I AM a stay at home mom and my kids are a major part of my life, and therefore a common topic of posts. But I don't want to be stuck only blogging about my kids either. I want the freedom to not fit into a box.

3.) I am not going to censor myself anymore. I did for a long time for fear of turning away anyone who might be interested in reading my blog otherwise. And I don't mean naughty things. This has and always will be a family friendly blog. But I tried not to mention any polarizing religious beliefs or politics because I wanted to be PC. I realized that I am not PC. And this is MY blog. I really want to be able to write about whatever I want whenever I want. And so I plan to from now on.

3.) Which lead me to another thought. I don't know why I was so concerned about being PC for fear of turning away a reader anyway. It's not as though I care about numbers or even have numbers to begin with.... I have nothing to lose! :D

5.) I often hesitated to write anything at all if I didn't have a picture to go with it. I have never considered myself a writer, and I am a photographer so on some level, that makes sense. But it was stressing me out because several times I had things I actually wanted to write but had no picture to post and chose to write nothing at all. Even when it made me sad. This post is step one in getting over that. I am probably going to continue to post tons of pictures most of the time, but not always. Sometimes I don't have time to upload and edit pictures but I still have something I want to share. From now on, that won't be stopping me. :D

6.) And last and actually least... I sometimes refrain from writing because I don't have the most poetic vocabulary and my grammar skills are lacking. I often use the wrong tense of word or drop commas. It used to stress me out. I wanted my writing to be perfect or I didn't want to write at all. Now I don't care. I am not perfect and I don't even have time to pretend to be. My bad grammar is probably very annoying to some people, and maybe it will get better as I start writing again. But honestly, not writing at all because my grammar needs a little work doesn't make any sense and it isn't fair to myself. So just cringe and pretend you didn't see it when I use the wrong word or put commas in the wrong place pretty please.

Well. That's it. I intend to blog a lot more frequently now that I have those things sorted out. Not that anyone missed me while I was gone anyway. Lol. :) But that's ok.
                                       <3 Sarah

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